About Us

The Missouri Catholic Conference (MCC) is the public policy agency for the Catholic Church in Missouri. The Missouri bishops serve as the MCC’s Board of Directors. The bishops appoint a 15 member Public Policy Committee to provide input to the MCC on an ongoing basis. The MCC is actively involved in all levels of government, especially state and federal issues. The MCC promotes the common good by advocating for public policy that upholds the sanctity and dignity of all human life.

Missouri Catholic Conference Staff

Mike Hoey, Executive Director
Mike has been with the Missouri Catholic Conference (MCC) since 1979. He represents the MCC in the halls of the State Capitol and before a variety of governmental agencies. He is the author of “Missouri Education at the Crossroads: The Phelan Miscalculation and the Education Amendment of 1870” Missouri Historical Review, July 2001 and “The Missouri Catholic Conference 40 Year History.” Mike holds a bachelor’s degree in education from Central Missouri State University.

Tyler McClay, General Counsel
Tyler joined the MCC in January 2010. He is an attorney and a registered lobbyist. Before joining the MCC, he practiced law, representing physicians and hospitals in medical malpractice cases and health care litigation. As general counsel, he advises Missouri’s bishops on legal matters pertaining to public policy and represents the MCC before government agencies.

Rita Linhardt, Senior Staff Associate
Rita has been with the MCC since 1988. She is a registered lobbyist and assists with the strategic planning on legislative issues and MCC activities. Her primary area of emphasis is corrections and the death penalty. She is a founding member of Missourians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty and currently serves as the chairperson of the board. She is a frequent speaker on news programs regarding the death penalty. Rita holds a bachelor’s degree in social studies education from Lincoln University.

Jessica Vaughn, Communications Director
Jessica joined the MCC in June of 2015. As the communications director, she is in charge of maintaining the website, designing and editing all MCC publications, and keeping up social media activity for the MCC. She is also the MCC videographer and photographer.


Cindy Evers, Administrative Assistant
Cindy joined the MCC in 2006. She answers the phone; maintains the MCC databases, mailing lists, and email lists; sends action alerts, letters, and legislative reports; assists in coordinating meetings and prepares documents for office meetings. Cindy is available to assist you in joining the MCC Citizens’ Network and to provide information on how to contact your legislators.

Cindy Ayer, Fiscal Officer
Cindy joined the MCC staff as the Fiscal Officer.  Among other duties, Cindy processes payroll, provides oversight of funds and accounts, and assists in the preparation of the proposed budget.