Dec 202013
Federal Judge in Brooklyn Blocks Enforcement of HHS Mandate Against Catholic Entities

Hope springs eternal for Catholic charity organizations opposed to the HHS Mandate and the recently enacted “accommodation” for religious organizations. A federal judge in Brooklyn issued an order blocking the enforcement of the HHS Mandate as it applies to several Catholic high schools, and a Catholic-run health insurer there. The ruling reveals that the accommodation proposed […]

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Dec 092013
Pittsburgh Diocese/Catholic Charities Obtain Relief from HHS Mandate

Last week, a federal court in Western Pennsylvania blocked enforcement of the HHS mandate against the Diocese of Pittsburgh and Erie Pennsylvania, along with affiliated organizations insured under the diocesan health plan, including Catholic Charities of Western Pennsylvania among others. An appeal is expected. The decision is important, because the Diocese itself is exempt from […]

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Nov 222013
Archdiocese Re-files Lawsuit Challenging HHS Mandate

The Archdiocese of St. Louis re-filed its lawsuit in federal court this week challenging the HHS mandate. A federal court judge dismissed the lawsuit last January, stating that the claim wasn’t “ripe” for consideration, because the mandate wasn’t actually in effect at the time the lawsuit was filed. The Department of Health and Human Services issued a final rule […]

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Nov 082013
St. Louis Judge Dismisses MO Lawmaker's Challenge to HHS Mandate

St. Louis federal circuit court judge Jean Hamilton has dismissed a lawsuit brought by State Representative Paul Wieland challenging the HHS Mandate, ruling that he did not have legal standing to challenge the law. Wieland alleged in the lawsuit that as a result of the HHS mandate he has been denied the ability to opt […]

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Jul 052013
Religious Leaders Call For Conscience Protections

This week – just prior to the Independence Day Celebration – over 100 prominent religious leaders issued an open letter entitled Standing Together for Religious Freedom. The letter calls on the Obama Administration and Congress to respect rights of conscience and religious freedom. The letter calls attention to various threats to religious liberty, including the […]

Jun 212013
U.S. House Votes to Ban Abortions After 20 Weeks

The U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill this week banning abortion nationwide after 20 weeks gestation, citing the gruesome nature of late term abortion revealed by the recent Kermit Gosnell trial and scientific evidence that unborn infants are capable of feeling pain in utero. Although the Senate is unlikely to take up the bill […]

Jun 142013
Plan B Over the Counter:  What are the Implications?

St. Louis Review reporter Jennifer Brinker recently discussed the implications of a recent federal court order requiring the FDA to make Plan B emergency contraceptives available over the counter to all girls 10 years of age and older with Theresa Prosser, a St. Louis professor of pharmacy and health policy. Prosser expressed concern that customers […]

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May 312013
Ask the Governor to Sign HB 400  and Ban Telemedicine Abortions in Missouri

The Missouri Catholic Conference is asking members of its Citizen’s Network to contact Governor Nixon to sign HB 400, a bill that passed the general assembly that would ban telemedicine abortions from being performed in Missouri. Click here to see the Action Alert issued on HB 400.

May 312013
Bishops Call for Second Fortnight for Freedom

As we approach the summer and an August 1 deadline for the implementation of the HHS contraceptive mandate and a potentially culture-changing U.S. Supreme Court decision on the definition of marriage at the end of June, the USCCB is asking faithful Catholics to participate in a second Fortnight for Freedom June 24th to July 1st. […]

May 212013
Legislature Passes Telemedicine Abortion Ban

The Missouri General Assembly passed legislation last week that will prevent the spread of telemedicine abortions in Missouri. HB 400, sponsored by Representative Jeanie Riddle (R-Mokane), passed the House by a vote of 115-39 and the Senate by a vote of 23-7. This bill will prevent Planned Parenthood and others from setting up clinics in […]