Feb 192016
Expungement Bills Combined, Continue to Move

An effort to expunge certain offenses from an individual’s criminal record is gaining traction in the legislature.  The Senate Committee on Judiciary and Civil and Criminal Jurisprudence recently voted “Do Pass”  SB 588, sponsored by Sen. Bob Dixon (R-Springfield).  Two other expungement bills,SB 603, sponsored by Sen. Kiki Curls (D-Kansas City) and SB 942, sponsored […]

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Feb 122016
House Committee Passes Juvenile Sentencing Bill

Agreeing that youth should be treated differently than adults, the House Select Judiciary Committee this week passed HB 1995 by a vote of 7-2.  Sponsored by Rep. Robert Cornejo (R-St. Peter) the bill repeals the mandatory life without parole (LWOP) sentences for juveniles convicted of first degree murder that was in Missouri statute.  Those previously […]

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Feb 122016
Senate Committee Hears Bills for Juvenile Reform

This week the Senate heard two bills relating to how juvenile offenders are treated.  Sponsored by Sen. Wayne Wallingford (R-Cape Girardeau) SB 618 would keep juveniles under 17 who are charged with a crime housed in a juvenile detention facility before their trial. The other bill, SB 684 would require the court to do an evaluation […]

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Feb 052016
MCC Testifies in Support of Early Parole of Geriatric Inmates

This week the House Corrections Committee heard a bill sponsored by Rep. Mike Lair (R-Chillicothe) that would allow for the early parole of geriatric inmates. Under HB 1963, any incarcerated offender 65 years of age or older who has no prior felony convictions of a violent nature and who is serving a sentence of life […]

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Feb 052016
Director of DOC Confronted About Executioners' Payments

This week George Lombardi, Director of the Department of Corrections (DOC), faced tough questions before the Appropriations Committee on Public Safety and Corrections regarding payments made to individuals who assist with executions.  Lombardi revealed that the DOC does not give 1099 tax forms to those employees and there is no Department policy or procedure to […]

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Jan 292016
Supreme Court Rules that Juveniles with Life Sentences for Murder Must Have a Chance at Freedom

This week the U.S. Supreme Court in Montgomery v. Louisiana ruled that any juvenile sentenced to life imprisonment for murder must have a chance to argue for release. In a 6-3 ruling the court held that its 2012 decision in Miller v. Alabama which banned mandatory life without parole sentences for juveniles must be applied retroactively. […]

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Jan 292016
Ex-offenders Testify in Support of Expungement Bills

Recognizing the prison reform movement that is gaining popularity across the country, the Senate Judiciary Civil and Criminal Jurisprudence this week heard several bills that deal with the expungement of criminal records.  The bills included SB 588, sponsored by Sen. Dixon, (R-Springfield), SB 603 sponsored by Sen. Kiki Curls (D-Kansas City) and SB 942, sponsored […]

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Jan 082016
General Assembly Convenes for 2016 Session

Wednesday the Missouri General Assembly convened for its 2016 session. House Speaker Todd Richardson (R-Popular Bluff) set out some legislative priorities in an address to the Missouri House. See this St. Louis Post-Dispatch article for more on Richardson’s address. The new President Pro Tem of the Senate, Ron Richard (R-Joplin), skipped the customary opening speech and just told Senators to […]

Oct 092015
Governor Commutes Death Sentence - Have You Sent Your Thank You Note Yet?

Last Friday afternoon, Governor Nixon commuted the death sentence of Kimber Edwards to life in prison without parole. Edwards  was scheduled to be executed on Oct. 6th.  Governor Nixon did not explain his decision, other than to say it came after a “thorough review of the facts” and was “not taken lightly.” He did note […]

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