Feb 262016
Pope Calls for a Moratorium on Death Penalty During the Jubilee Year

While praying with visitors in St. Peter’s Square on Feb. 21, Pope Francis made a passionate plea for a moratorium on executions during the Year of Mercy.  The Holy Father reminded listeners that “Thou shalt not kill” (the fifth commandment) applies not only to the innocent but to the guilty as well. Francis appealed to […]

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Feb 122016
Senate Debates Merits of Death Penalty

After years of silence on the issue, the Missouri Senate recently spent several hours debating whether to repeal the death penalty in Missouri. The debate brought out strong emotions on both sides, while helping shed some light on this complex issue. Sponsored by Sen. Paul Wieland (R- Emperial), SB 816 would eliminate a death sentence […]

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Feb 052016
Director of DOC Confronted About Executioners' Payments

This week George Lombardi, Director of the Department of Corrections (DOC), faced tough questions before the Appropriations Committee on Public Safety and Corrections regarding payments made to individuals who assist with executions.  Lombardi revealed that the DOC does not give 1099 tax forms to those employees and there is no Department policy or procedure to […]

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Jan 292016
Two Pro-Life Bills on Abortion and the Death Penalty Passed By Senate Committees

SB 816, which would repeal the death penalty in Missouri, and SB 644, which addresses fetal tissue donations in Missouri and inspections of abortion clinics, both received a “Do Pass” vote this week from their respective committees. The MCC is working for passage of both bills.  Those in favor of the bills testified about the importance […]

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Jan 222016
Senate Committee Hears Bill to End the Death Penalty

The Senate General Laws and Pensions Committee heard a bill on Tuesday, Jan. 19 that would end the death penalty in Missouri. Sponsored by Sen. Paul Wieland (R-Imperial) SB 816 would make life without parole the only sentencing option for first degree murder. Inmates currently living under a death sentence would have their sentences changed to life without parole. In […]

Jan 082016
General Assembly Convenes for 2016 Session

Wednesday the Missouri General Assembly convened for its 2016 session. House Speaker Todd Richardson (R-Popular Bluff) set out some legislative priorities in an address to the Missouri House. See this St. Louis Post-Dispatch article for more on Richardson’s address. The new President Pro Tem of the Senate, Ron Richard (R-Joplin), skipped the customary opening speech and just told Senators to […]

Jan 082016
Death Penalty Legislation Filed

With Missouri being one of the top states that carried out executions in 2015, the MCC will be supporting legislation that ends or limits the use of the death penalty.  Legislation filed so far includes SB 816 (Sen. Wieland) that repeals the death penalty, SB 652 (Sen. Keaveny) HB 1824 (Rep. McGaugh) that requires the State Auditor to make a one-time […]

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Oct 092015
Governor Commutes Death Sentence - Have You Sent Your Thank You Note Yet?

Last Friday afternoon, Governor Nixon commuted the death sentence of Kimber Edwards to life in prison without parole. Edwards  was scheduled to be executed on Oct. 6th.  Governor Nixon did not explain his decision, other than to say it came after a “thorough review of the facts” and was “not taken lightly.” He did note […]

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Sep 252015

Despite a lack of physical evidence, the State is planning on executing Kimber Edwards on Oct. 6 for the murder-for-hire of his ex-wife Kimberly Cantrell in 2000. From the beginning Orthell Wilson admitted to killing Cantrell (his secret girlfriend), but pointed the finger at Edwards as the mastermind of the crime. In a 2015 affidavit […]

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Jul 022015
High Court Approves Drug Used in Executions

In one of its last decisions before the end of its term, the U.S. Supreme Court voted 5-4 this week to allow Oklahoma to use the sedative midazolam in its executions. Plaintiffs in the case argued that the drug violated the Eighth Amendment’s prohibition on cruel and unusual punishment because it did not work as […]

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