Feb 192016
Migrant Tells of Desperate Attempt to Escape Gang Infested Neighborhood

What’s it like to be threatened by gang members high on drugs in your own neighborhood in San Salvador? What happens when you try to trek north to the U.S. and are kidnapped? Catholic Relief Services tells Pablo’s chilling story in a series of compelling video interviews. See CRS Migration Story for this story along […]

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Jan 292016
First MCC Messenger of 2016

Missouri Catholic Conference’s quarterly publication, The Messenger, will appear in diocesan newspapers this weekend. This issue focuses on the Refugee and Immigration Services (RIS) department of Catholic Charities of Central and Northern Missouri (CCCNMO). Several former clients now work for RIS, and a few of their stories are shared in the first Messenger of 2016.  […]

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May 292015
Bishops Call For Alternatives to Detention in Immigration Enforcement

The Migration and Refugee Services of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) has issued a report in cooperation with the Center for Migration Studies calling for the use of alternatives to detention when dealing with undocumented immigrants and refugees fleeing their countries because of terrorism or deep poverty. According to the report, detentions rose […]

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Apr 042014
Mass at the Border Highlights Plight of Immigrants

On Tuesday, April 1, Boston Cardinal Sean P. O’Malley joined a dozen other bishops in celebrating Mass along the U.S. – Mexico border. The congregation gathered on both sides of the border fence, with those on the Mexican side reaching through the slates to receive communion.  In his homily Cardinal O’Malley reflected on the Good […]

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Aug 192013
Fact Versus Fiction on Immigration Reform

Many myths surround the current debate over immigration reform, such as immigrants are just here to get on welfare, or immigration hurts the U.S. economy. The issue is complicated enough without injecting false fears and myths into the mix. The challenge of creating an effective new immigration law must balance two basic principles recognized in […]

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Jul 152013
More Legal - Less Illegal - Immigration

Friday, July 12, 2013 If Congress ends up enacting a version of immigration reform similar to what the U.S. Senate passed, then legal immigration will rise while illegal immigration falls. The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office believes the enhanced border security measures could cut illegal immigration by one-third to one-half. Meanwhile, more visas would be available […]

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Jun 282013
Senate Passes Immigration Reform Legislation

On Thursday the U.S. Senate passed an immigration  reform bill (S. 744) by a vote of 68 to 32. Senator Claire McCaskill voted for the bill while Senator Roy Blunt opposed it. The legislation establishes a “military style” effort to close the U.S. Southern border and a 13-year path to citizenship for illegal aliens in […]

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Jun 142013
U.S. Senate Begins Debate on Immigration Reform

The U.S. Senate this week voted by a lopsided majority (84-15) to take up and debate immigration reform legislation. Observers opined that the procedural vote showed a deep well of support for passing immigration legislation, at least in the U.S. Senate. Meanwhile, House Speaker John Boehner predicted a bill would be passed by year’s end. […]

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May 312013
Immigration Reform Moves Forward in Congress

The U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee has approved (by a vote of 13 to 5) sweeping immigration reform legislation (S. 744). From the committee’s website, one can read the amended bill and other information. Click here. Archbishop José H. Gomez of Los Angeles, chairman of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ (USCCB) Committee on Migration, applauded […]

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May 312013
Send Electronic Postcard on Immigration Reform

Through their Justice for Immigrants website the U.S. Catholic bishops offer a quick and easy way for Catholics to urge their U.S. Senators and their U.S. Representative to pass comprehensive immigration reform. Visit the Action Alert to send an electronic postcard. Messages to Senators Roy Blunt and Claire McCaskill are especially needed at this time […]

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