Mar 212016
Missouri House Passes Parental Notification of Abortion Bill

By a vote of 121-34, the Missouri House of Representatives has third read and passed HB 1370, sponsored by Rep. Rocky Miller (R-Lake Ozark).  The bill requires any parent consenting to an abortion for a minor to notify his or her estranged custodial spouse in writing of the abortion before giving consent.  The bill would […]

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Mar 212016

The Missouri Chamber of Commerce is opposing SJR 39, a proposed constitutional amendment that would allow churches and wedding venders to decline participation in same-sex wedding ceremonies. The Chamber’s opposition, like that of Monsanto and others, focuses on the wedding vendor provisions in the resolution.  The NCAA has also expressed serious concerns with the proposal. […]

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Mar 212016
Missouri Senate Stalls this Week While Pro-life and Other Bills Languish

The Missouri Senate this week has been in slow motion following the filibuster last week of SJR 39. Meanwhile, pro-life legislation prohibiting the donation of fetal tissue and addressing the disposition of fetal remains has yet to be debated fully by the MO Senate. Also remaining to be debated is a bill that would outlaw abortion solely on the […]

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Mar 042016
Democracy Needs Virtue

Saint John Paul II once reminded Americans: “Democracy needs virtue… Democracy stands or falls with the truths and values it embodies and promotes.” The American founders understood the fragility of democracy, and knew it could be destroyed without virtuous men and women. They had no illusions that the Constitution alone could save the American Republic. John Adams declared: “Human […]

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Mar 042016
MCC Opposes Signage Requirement for Churches

This week the MCC voiced opposition to HB 1764, a bill that would require churches to post signs on their premises regarding concealed weapons. Currently under Missouri law, concealed carry permits do not authorize persons to carry a concealed firearm into a police office, a polling place, a corrections institute, a courthouse, a bar, an airport, […]

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Mar 042016
Missouri House Passes Prescription Drug Monitoring Program

The Missouri House has passed and sent to the Senate a bill that would establish a prescription drug monitoring program to prevent doctor shopping by people abusing prescription drugs. HB 1892 is sponsored by Holly Rehder (R-Sikeston). Missouri is the only state in the nation without a drug monitoring program and health care providers are […]

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Feb 262016
House Committee Hears Bills Addressing Fetal Remains From Abortions

The House Children and Families Committee this week heard HB 2068, HB 2069, HB 2070, HB 2071, and HB 2371, five pro-life bills sponsored by Diane Franklin (R-Camdenton) and Andrew Koenig (R-Manchester) addressing the disposition of fetal remains from abortions performed in Missouri.  The hearing was contentious; pro-life advocates testified in favor of the bills, and two physicians […]

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