Apr 282017

The latest MCC Messenger, out in all diocesan papers in April and available atmocatholic.org, focuses entirely on Missouri’s changing adoption records law. Effective January 1, 2018, adult adoptees born in Missouri will have access to their original birth certificates. Birth parents who wish not to have their names included on the birth certificate must opt […]

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Apr 282017

This week, the Missouri Senate approved a state budget for fiscal year 2018 that funds key priorities supported by the Missouri Catholic Conference (MCC). Funding is included for women in crisis pregnancies, refugees fleeing war-torn countries, and programs to reconnect absent fathers with their families. As approved by the Missouri Senate, the proposed budget would […]

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Apr 282017
Missouri Senate Shuts off Funding for Planned Parenthood

The Missouri Senate has joined the House in passing a proposed state budget that denies government funds to abortion agencies like Planned Parenthood. In order to ensure that no government funds are used for abortion services, budget writers are turning down federal family planning dollars that require referrals for abortion.

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Apr 282017
"Raise the Age" Debated in House

“Raise the Age” was added to SB 50 as an amendment in an attempt to get it over the finish line. Offered byRep. Nick Schroer (R-St. Charles), the amendment would raise the age to 18 for juveniles to stay in the juvenile justice system. Rep. Schroer pitched the amendment as a way to save youth from suicide […]

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Apr 282017
School Choice Proposal Approved by Senate

The Missouri Senate passed legislation (SB 313) this week that will allow special need students in public schools to receive scholarships to transfer to private schools. Catholic schools would be eligible to accept the special needs students. Families seeking transfer are expected to look for schools that provide more intense special services, such as programs […]

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Apr 282017
Pro-life Legislation Remains in Holding Pattern on Senate Calendar

With just two weeks remaining until the end of the 2017 legislative session, two important pro-life bills remain in a holding pattern on the Senate debate calendar.  SB 41, sponsored by Senator Wayne Wallingford (R-Cape Girardeau), would provide protection to pregnancy resource centers and would also preempt “abortion sanctuary” ordinances like the one passed in St. […]

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Apr 282017
Repeal of Renters' Credit Still in Play

A proposal that appeared dead for the session that would repeal a tax credit for low-income renters may be resurrected next week as lawmakers scramble for ways to balance the proposed state budget for fiscal year 2018. Earlier this session the Missouri House passed HCB 3 to repeal the renters’ credit, which is currently available […]

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Apr 282017
Oklahoma Bipartisan Commission Recommends Continuing Moratorium

For nearly a year and half, the Oklahoma Death Penalty Commission studied all aspects of the Oklahoma’s death penalty system, from arrest to execution, and today announced it was recommending continuing the moratorium that is in place. The bipartisan Commission, comprising five women and six men, represents rural and urban communities as well as prosecutors, […]

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Apr 212017
U.S. Supreme Court Hears Trinity Lutheran Scrap Tire Case

The U.S. Supreme Court heard an oral argument this week on a Missouri case that could open the door to Catholic and other private schools and children qualifying for non-sectarian state funded services and programs. The case involves a Lutheran preschool in Columbia, Missouri, that applied for a grant from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources to obtain […]

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Apr 212017
Missouri House Advances Fetal Tissue Bill

The Missouri House this week advanced HB 194, sponsored by Rep. Diane Franklin (R-Camdenton), that would require all tissue from elective abortions in Missouri be submitted for pathological examination and proper disposal. The bill has been moving through the legislative process for several years following the undercover videos revealing the grizzly practice of fetal remains being […]

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