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The Missouri Catholic Conference is located at 600 Clark Avenue in Jefferson City, Missouri. The MCC’s office is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. To get directions to the MCC’s office, click here. You can call us at (573) 635-7239.

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  19 Responses to “Contact Us”

  1. I just received the email newsletter regarding SB 770, requiring ambulatory surgery centers that perform abortions to undergo an inspection by the state department of health. To reduce state costs, are you aware that accredited healthcare organizations are already subject to on-site inspections?

  2. I sent an email to my senator, Ed Emery, asking him to support SB 519 when it comes up for a vote. I saw that you wanted to hear the senators’ feedbacks and can’t find the link to do that now, so I hope the is the right place:

    Thank you, Bridget, for the email. I supported SB 519 in committee and am committed to supporting the bill throughout the entire process.


    State Senator District 31


    • Thank you for your support and for showing us your Senators response!

      • Dear MCC Staff:
        Please correct the record listed for our MO representative it is Congresswoman Elaine Gannon, Dist. 115. You sent my message on Health Babies to the wrong representatives. Could you please correct this?
        Paulette Northcutt, DeSoto, MO 63020

        • Paulette,

          The reason your response was sent to who it was sent to is because those Representatives are budget chairmen. Instead of alerting the entire House of Reps. this action campaign focused on the Chairs of the committee the bill is currently in. Thank you for your support!

  3. in the April 2014 edition of The Messenger, which arrived with our Catholic Missourian, there is an article on healthcare directives. It indicates that a resource for preparing durable power of attorney for health care is available at checking under the various lists and doing a search for the name indicated in the article, I cannot find the resource that they talked about.
    Can you point me to the location, so that I can make use of the information that is supposedly available.
    God keep you.
    Syl Kesel

  4. On the letter regarding the Children’s Education Initiative (CEI) my husband’s name is incorrect. The letter was sent to: Marvann and Mary Ann Jonas
    1624 SW Napa Valley Drive
    Lee’s Summit, MO. 64082 (incorrect)

    Correct version: Matthew and Mary Ann Jonas
    1624 SW Napa Valley Drive
    Lee’s Summit, MO. 64082

    Thank You

  5. I read in the STL Dispatch today that the MCC urged legislators to support Medicaid expansion.
    I am very happy to hear this, as it is the right thing to do no matter your religious or political belief . Supporting medicaid expansion in Missouri is truly a pro life stance, not to mention that it is the most economically beneficial policy the state can enact at this time.
    It is a life saver ! A true men for others act.

    Best regards,
    Tom Castrop
    636 578 9939

  6. Supporting Medicaid expansion in Missouri is the right thing to do . It is a life saver . It is truly a men for others act.
    Plus it will be an economic boon both in Missouri and countrywide
    Best Regards,
    Tom Castrop

  7. Below is the response from my request to Senator Scott Sifton Dist. 1 to override Gov. Nixon’s veto:

    “Thank you for contacting me regarding the 72-hour wait for an abortion. I respect your view but remain concerned that the legislation violates the undue burden test established in Casey v. Pennsylvania. Moreover, the bill has no exceptions for cases of rape and incest and I simply cannot support legislation not including those exceptions.

    On the issue of tax credits, I filed SB 647 which would have increased the tax credits for food pantries. It became part of SB 638 which raised the cap for credits to pregnancy resources. While the Senate Bill 638 did not pass, an identical house version, HB 113, did.

    When Veto Session convenes, I will take your views into consideration. Thank you for reaching out. Please do not hesitate to contact me in the future regarding this or any other issue.

    Senator Scott Sifton
    District 1”

  8. I registered for the Oct. 4 th conference was just informed I need to check Springfield bus.

  9. Please add me to your email mailing list.

  10. Trying to send that letter to Mizzou to get them out of the abortion business. Never got email verification email code. Tried several times. You might want to look into the issue.

  11. For Mike Hoey,
    Hi, Mike…I just read the MCC mission statement in the MIrror. It is a a good statement of goals for the MCC. Yet I was disappointed that a more direct statement of support for the abolition of the death penalty is not explicit, supporting the Bishops and the Pope stance on the importance of this issue. The reference to ‘studies to support legislation and seeking to repeal’ are there, I understand. But I would like the MCC to speak more directly.
    I work with Leslie in proofing the copy of the Mirror, and noticed this—thought I’d mention it.
    thanks for all you do to make the MCC speak and do for justice in the Diocese.
    Sr. Frances Wessel, ssnd
    518 E. Latoke Ct.
    Springfield, Mo 65807