Rep. Jay Barnes Files Bill to Help Catholic School Parents

Rep. Jay Barnes (R-Jefferson City). Photo courtesy of the Missouri House of Representatives.

State Rep. Jay Barnes (R-Jefferson City) has filed legislation – HB 1133– that would allow K-12 school parents to claim a tax deduction for their children’s educational expenses. The Missouri Catholic Conference strongly supports the legislation. Parents should not be taxed when they invest in their child’s education.

A tax deduction is not a voucher; it simply means the parent does not pay tax on the money expended on K-12 school expenses. Nevertheless, the MCC expects all of the major public school groups to oppose HB 1133 and whisper the word “voucher” in the Capitol halls.

As this bill is considered in the general assembly, we will be calling on you to help us with this priority issue. In the meantime, you can get more familiar with the bill and issue by reviewing this question and answer sheet.

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