Catholic Lawmakers in Missouri Show Leadership on Death Penalty Bills

The Catholic Church has long opposed the use of the death penalty because it disregards the sanctity and dignity of human life. Several Missouri lawmakers, who are active Catholics, are taking the church’s teaching seriously and are promoting bills that would limit or end the use of capital punishment.

In the Senate, Senator Gina Walsh (D-St. Louis) is sponsoring SB 247 that would abolish the death penalty. Senator Joe Keaveny  (D-St. Louis) is sponsoring SB 61 that would require a study to be done on the cost of the death penalty and alternative sentences. He is also sponsoring SB 409 and  SB 162 that would enact reforms recommended by an American Bar Association (ABA) assessment team that studied the fairness and accuracy of Missouri’s death penalty system.

In the House of Representatives, Representative Paul Wieland (R-Imperial) is sponsoring HB 644 that would also abolish the death penalty. Representative Galen Higdon (R-St. Joseph) is sponsoring HB 575 that would enact criminal justice reforms recommended by the ABA death penalty assessment team.

The MCC thanks these Catholic lawmakers for their leadership on this moral issue and encourages our network members to send them a note of appreciation as well.

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