MCC Urges Passage of State Earned Income Tax Credit

This week the MCC testified before the Senate Ways and Means Committee in support of SB 1018, a bill that would create a state earned income tax credit (EITC) that working poor families could claim when paying their taxes.

The bill, sponsored by State Senator Eric Schmitt (R-Kirkwood), would piggyback off of the existing federal EITC thereby giving more tax relief to modest income families.

At present, 26 states and the District of Columbia have enacted EITCs to supplement the tax relief provided by the federal EITC. The federal EITC was first established during President Gerald Ford’s administration and has enjoyed bipartisan support as a way to fight poverty and reward work. Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan has been working to revise the federal EITC to make it even more effective.

The MCC told the committee that passage of SB 1018 would be an effective way to uphold the dignity of work and workers. The testimony noted how Saint John Paul II saw work as so important that he devoted an entire encyclical to the issue – Laborem Exercens. (On Human Work). See MCC Testimony for more.

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