Columbia Planned Parenthood Can Keep License For December, Judge Says

U.S. District Judge Nanette Laughrey ruled this week that Columbia Planned Parenthood can keep its license until December 30. The judge extended a temporary restraining order stopping the Missouri Department of Health from revoking the license. “Evidence suggests (the department’s) decision to hastily revoke (the facility’s) license may be the result of animus toward the center and the work it performs there,” the Judge said.

The temporary restraining order (TRO) is only be the first step in this legal battle. A further court hearing on the issue will be held on December 29. Meanwhile, Senate President Pro-Tem Ron Richard (D-Joplin) is urging the Missouri Attorney General to challenge the decision or appoint a special counsel who will do so.

Even if Columbia Parenthood ultimately proves the department of health was too hasty in revoking its license, the clinic will still have to find an abortion doctor who has privileges with a local hospital. The University of Missouri revoked the “refer and follow” privileges of abortion doctor Colleen McNicholas effective December 1.
See this St. Louis Post-Dispatch article and this AP article for more.

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