MCC Speaks Out Against “Doctor Shopping” for Drugs

This week the Missouri Catholic Conference (MCC) presented testimony in support of HB 1892, the Narcotics Control Act. The bill establishes a prescription drug registry that will allow doctors to check the drug usage of patients coming to them for care. The MCC said there was no “innate right to access prescription drugs” and observed that: “whether a patient needs such medication is a decision to be made by the doctor in consultation with the patient.” 

Missouri is the only state in the nation that does not have a prescription drug registry, yet Missouri’s death rate due to drug overdoses ranks in the top 20 among all states, with 1,067 such deaths in 2014. Nationally, drug overdose deaths are on the rise due largely to the use of opioids, mainly prescription pain relievers and heroin. The National Center for Disease Control and Prevention recently issued a report detailing the increase in drug and opioid deaths between 2000 and 2014. See CDC Drug Report to read.

The committee took no action on the legislation. The MCC issued an Action Alert to encourage committee members to vote HB 1892 “Do Pass”.

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