Amendment 3 Will Not Fund Abortion

Amendment 3, the Raise Your Hand for Kids Initiative, will appear on the ballot in November. It is a proposal to raise the tax on cigarettes, and to even the competitive playing field between the big tobacco companies and the little tobacco companies that did not participate in the tobacco settlement agreements years ago.

The money raised by the new taxes on cigarettes will pay for early childhood education and healthcare programs. Some of the money (at least 10%) will be used to provide funding for early childhood healthcare programs for children aged birth to five years.

“These are patients that don’t get pregnant or need abortion services,” said Tyler McClay, general counsel for the MCC, “So, any grants awarded under the proposal will not be funding abortions.”

“Opponents of Amendment 3 may have various reasons for opposing the proposal, but concerns that Amendment 3 will somehow create a constitutional right to abortion, or allow state funding for abortion shouldn’t be among them,” McClay explained.

The MCC is neutral on Amendment 3 and encourages Missouri voters to review the proposal and vote their conscience. To review the MCC’s statement on this Amendment,click here.