2018 Annual Assembly Recap

Nearly 400 Catholics from around the state made their way to Jefferson City last weekend for the 2018 Annual Assembly. It was a great day filled with fellowship and reflection. Many thanks to everyone who attended, our volunteers, and workshop presenters. This event would not be a success without each of you!

Bishop Perry gave a wonderful keynote address which he opened with words about Father Augustus Tolton, for whom he is postulator for the Diocesan Phase of the Cause for Sanctity. “This is holy ground here in Missouri. Particularly Jefferson City. As the Archbishop mentioned, one of my tasks is seeing to the cause of the declared sainthood of one who sprung up from the soil of your own state here, that is the Diocese of Jefferson City, Missouri. On that farm, which still exists, where Augustus Tolton and his family were slaves.” The rest of his comments about Father Tolton can be read along with the full transcript of his speech on our website.

Perry went on to speak about the church’s role in reaching those at the peripheries.

“Human beings, being human beings, struggle to pay attention to one another and get beyond the selfishness that seems imbedded in our natures, to get beyond the self-preservation that is sewed in our genes. Jesus gave us some insight into this when he said, ‘the poor you will always have with you.’ The poor stand as a test of confrontation to what is found in human nature. The Church steps in during moments of crisis and moments not so critical to remind us what is noble in us and how we can link up with all our brothers and sisters so that there is some faith here on earth when the Lord decides to come back and take us with him.”

The full transcript of Bishop Perry’s address is available at mocatholic.org. A slideshow of photos from the day is also available for viewing on our website. We encourage those who have photos from the day to send them to mocatholic@mocatholic.org or share them on social media using the hashtag #MCCAA18.