About CEI Circulators: Voter by Voter

Keep in mind that a circulator must be 18 years of age and complete the “Registration Form for Initiative or Referendum Petition Circulators.” Parishes and schools should collect these completed forms from their circulators and mail to MCC when mailing in their notarized Petition Pages.

Be sure to recruit sufficient circulators for your signature gathering events. Don’t expect an individual circulator to collect more than about 100 signatures a day. Collecting signatures is a voter-by-voter process: the circulator must ask each voter if he/she is a registered voter and then obtain the signature. After collecting signatures on the official Petition Page, the circulator should get each page notarized in front of a notary.

Again, it is a somewhat laborious process so be sure to recruit plenty of circulators who can get the signatures from each voter and then sign their completed Petition Pages in front of a notary.



Posted: December 6, 2013

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