Add Your Voice in Opposition to Upcoming Execution

Michael Taylor is scheduled for execution on February 26th. Michael’s case is unique because no jury ever heard his case and no jury ever decided he should be executed.  Michael was sentenced to death by a judge, after he pled guilty without any assurances of a plea deal.  It has since become law that death sentences must be imposed by a jury, not a judge. Missouri has vacated the death sentence of almost every inmate-10 in total-not condemned by a jury.  Michael and his co-defendant are the only individuals, sentenced by a judge, still under a death sentence. Nine former prosecutors and judges have even urged Missouri’s Supreme Court to vacate Michael’s death sentence. Michael has never denied his participation in the kidnapping, rape, and killing of Ann Harrison, a fifteen-year-old honor student, in Kansas in 1989. He has always taken responsibility, and expressed remorse for the pain he inflicted on the Harrison family.

Join your voice in opposition to this unequal treatment by clicking here to sign a petition to be sent to the governor.


Posted: February 7, 2014

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