Annual Assembly Workshop of the Week: Protecting the Unborn Through Legislative Victories

This week’s featured workshop focuses on pro-life issues. Deacon Sam Lee, Lobbyist and Director of Campaign Life Missouri, will present this workshop.

During a special session in the summer of 2017, Missouri lawmakers passed Senate Bill 5, a sweeping pro-life bill that put in place some of the most pro-life state laws in the country. The abortion lobby has so far been unsuccessful in challenging the new law in court.  Come hear how Senate Bill 5, and other Missouri pro-life legislation, is saving lives and promoting programs that offer alternatives to abortion in Missouri, as well as prospects for pro-life bills in 2019.

Join the MCC and Catholics from around the state to participate in this engaging lineup of workshops. Descriptions for other workshop offerings can be found on the MCC website. If you haven’t yet registered for the event, be sure to do so at no cost by calling (800) 456-1679 or by registering online.