Another Year in Prison for Patty!

A Christmas plea for mercy!

In 2011 we encouraged our network members to contact Governor Jay Nixon urging that he grant clemency to Patty Prewitt. Patty is still incarcerated, marking 26 years in prison for the murder of her husband. She has consistently maintained her innocence and many individuals share this belief. All who know Patty affirm that she is an extraordinary woman of faith and compassion who has served as an outstanding role model in a difficult environment.

Even for those who believe in her guilt, justice has been served.

There is no need to keep Patty in prison until her 2036 parole date. Christmas would be an ideal time to release this 62-year-old grandmother into the loving arms of the family that has stood by her all these years. Please contact Governor Nixon by clicking here and urge him to grant clemency to Patty. For more information about Patty click here.

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