3 thoughts on “Archdiocese of St. Louis Releases Video About Religious Liberty

  1. Bill Rogers says:

    Freedom is not free, over the course of the history of our planet men, women & children have died to save and protect the rights of all nations to be free from any form of persecution!
    Our Lord Jesus Christ, the only Son of God, gave His Life for our ultimate freedom on Calvary’s Mount, if we stop the battle, stop the fight, give up the cause for human rights and justice, it is as if we are spitting in God’s Face!!!
    Do you really want to be responsible for that irresponsible act???

  2. Monica Heiple says:

    I have a fear that this is just the beginning of an attempt to take away our liberties.
    I’m very proud to be a Catholic and proud of how our religious leaders have handled this attack on our religious freedom.
    I will continue to pray for our Catholic bishops.
    Thank you

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