Assisted Suicide is not Compassion

The Charlotte Lozier Institute has issued a brief but compelling report by award-winning author Wesley J. Smith on the slippery slope nations and states head down when they legalize assisted suicide. In 13 pages that can be read in several minutes, Smith offers numerous examples of assisted suicide being carried out on people who are depressed, confused or have other treatable conditions.

The cases Smith reports come primarily from the Netherlands, Belgium and the state of Oregon. In the Netherlands infanticide is taking place when babies are born with serious disabilities or terminal conditions. In Belgium joint euthanasia has been carried out when elderly couples decide they want to die together. In Oregon state bureaucrats refused to fund the chemotherapy prescribed by doctors for two patients but did agree to fund their assisted suicides.

To read this brief report, click Assisted Suicide is Not Compassion.

Posted: May 1, 2015

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