Attorney General Wants to Go Back to Gas Chamber

In an interview this week with the Kansas City Star, Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster suggested that Missouri should go back to using the gas chamber as its method of execution.

The statement came on the heels of a request Monday by the Attorney General to the Missouri Supreme Court to set executions dates for two men before the supply of propofol, the state’s current execution drug, expires next summer. Missouri announced last year that it was going to start using propofol when it was difficult to obtain pentobarbital, the most-used execution drug. No sooner than propofol was adopted by state officials, a federal lawsuit was filed and the Missouri Supreme Court has declined to set any executions until the litigation is resolved. The state has executed two men by lethal injection since 2005.

The last Missouri execution by the gas chamber was carried out in 1965. Thirty-nine prisoners were executed by this method from 1938-1965. Although its gas chamber was dismantled years ago, Missouri never removed the lethal gas option from state law.

Click here for the Kansas City Star article.

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