Bishops Convene for Annual Meeting

The United States conclave of bishops met this week in Baltimore to set their agenda and approve their budget for next year, among other things. During the meeting, there was discussion about immigration reform, the present economy and poverty, challenges to religious liberty, and re-affirming the sacrament of penance. During the meeting, Archbishop Carlson of St. Louis presented for approval a new document on homiletics, stating that Catholics are hungry for better preaching. The document was approved overwhelmingly. Look for more inspiring homilies in the Year of Faith!

The bishops also discussed the recent votes in three states approving same-sex marriage. Archbishop Cordileone of San Francisco bemoaned the passage of these laws and called upon his brother bishops to continue the fight to defend marriage as the union of one man and one woman. He also spoke of a potential Supreme Court ruling striking the federal Defense of Marriage Act being a serious threat to religious liberty and to the cause of defending traditional marriage. The bishops vowed to maintain their current positions on both same-sex marriage and contraception in spite of the election results.

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