Board of Inquiry Meets in Death Penalty Case

A panel of five judges met Wednesday with Marcellus Williams’ attorneys to hear evidence that could save his life.  Williams was convicted of stabbing Lisha Gayle during a robbery in her home in 1998. Williams was hours from being executed last year when then-Governor Greitens appointed a board of inquiry to examine his case and recommend life or death. Governor Mike Parson directed the panel to continue its work when he came into office. At issue is DNA evidence found on the murder weapon. Using technology not available in 1998, tests showed that the DNA on the knife came from an unknown male and did not match that of Williams. Attorney Barry Scheck, head of the Innocence Project, and who defended O.J. Simpson in 1994, is one of Williams’ lawyers presenting evidence. The board of inquiry will make its official report to Governor Parson.