Cardinal Dolan’s Letter on Abortion-Drug Mandate

Cardinal Dolan

In a letter to the bishops on Friday, March 2, Cardinal Dolan expressed his thanks for their involvement in the struggle to protect religious freedom and his disappointment in the White House’s handling of the mandate and the controversy surrounding it.

He noted, “We did not ask for this fight, but we will not run from it.”

He emphasized repeatedly that the fight isn’t just about sterilization, contraceptives or abortion drugs, but about religious freedom.

To read his entire letter, click here.


One thought on “Cardinal Dolan’s Letter on Abortion-Drug Mandate

  1. Peg McKie says:

    I was unable to read the WSJ article because I am not a paid subscriber. Is there someplace else I can read it? Thanks so much. God bless Cardinal Dolan in his fight for religious freedom.

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