Cinco de Mayo, North From Mexico and More

Did you celebrate Cinco de Mayo Tuesday? This day commemorates an 1862 victory of a ragtag Mexican force over an invading army from France. Few remember or care about the battle of Puebla, but Mexicans and non-Mexicans alike celebrate the day with margaritas, Mexican food and song.

The American Southwest was once a part of Mexico but today this great cultural heritage is felt throughout the country. To better understand this historic legacy, a good place to start is by reading North From Mexico: the Spanish Speaking People of the United States. This book, first published in 1949 and reprinted many times since, is credited with being the first history of Mexican Americans. It is still used in college classrooms today.

Also, take a moment to view this short video – Colonial Mexican documents – where a doctoral candidate at UCLA talks about his joy in discovering more about his Mexican heritage while examining Mexican documents from the Puebla de Los Angelus.


Posted: May 8, 2015

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