Congress to Consider Conscience Rights for Healthcare Providers

Next week, Congress will consider including The Conscience Protection Act (CPA) in a must-pass budget bill. The CPA would protect the conscience rights of doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers that do not wish to participate in abortions. Those who support abortion rights have become increasingly hostile towards healthcare providers who choose not to participate in abortion for religious and moral reasons.

The prestigious New England Journal of Medicine, for example, published an article last year in which the authors argued that OB/GYN’s who refuse to perform abortions should become radiologists or some other specialty which would not present a moral quandary, because they believe that denying a patient an abortion would unjustly deny the patient services based upon personal beliefs, rather than professional medical standards. The authors even suggest that professional societies declare conscience objection unethical.

The MCC has asked its MOCAN members to contact their Congressional delegation to encourage their support for the CPA. If you have not yet done so, please consider joining the over 500 MOCAN members who have.