Debate on Scholarship Bill Delayed

Rep. Scott Dieckhaus

HB 1740, sponsored by State Rep. Scott Dieckhaus (R-Washington), is a long, complex education bill that includes some provisions supported by the MCC. Those provisions would offer children in failing districts scholarships to attend qualified nonpublic schools. There was talk that the bill would come up for debate this week but that did not happen.

The public school groups have marshaled strong opposition to the bill and have especially complained about the “voucher” provisions. In fact, the bill does not offer any vouchers but only tax credits for those who contribute to foundations that in turn give children scholarships.

Other misinformation circulating is that enactment of the scholarship tax credits will drain the state treasury and reduce the pensions available to public school teachers. MCC lobbyists spent most of the week giving legislators facts to refute the misinformation.

House leadership strongly supports HB 1740 but wants legislators to hear more from folks back home before any vote is taken on the measure. Earlier the MCC sent an alert on this issue. The information remains accurate. Read it here and then contact your representative. The MCC will keep you posted on developments.

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