Does Judge’s Ruling Require MU to Offer New Hospital Privilege to Abortion Doctor?

Nothing in Judge Laughrey’s temporary restraining order requires the University of Missouri Hospital to extend privileges to any doctor wanting to perform abortions at Columbia Planned Parenthood. If MU holds fast with its decision not to be involved with the abortion industry, Columbia Planned Parenthood will have to look elsewhere to get hospital privileges for its abortion doctors. That, at least, would keep Missouri’s premier public university out of the abortion business.

You can send a pre-composed message on this matter to the MU Interim Chancellor and the Board of Curators by responding to this MCC Alert. If you’ve already sent a pre-composed message, you can send another message yourself using our MCC Alert. We need to keep reminding MU that we don’t want our tax dollars used to in any way aid or abet the abortion industry. The university hospital should focus on saving lives, not destroying them.

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