Evidence Emerges that Planned Parenthood in St. Louis May Not Be Involved in Sale of Fetal Tissue

Testimony obtained by the Missouri Senate Interim Committee on the Sanctity of Life raised a question about what was happening to fetal tissue from abortions performed at Planned Parenthood in St. Louis. The Missouri Department of Health disclosed, after some delay, that tissue from those abortions is being sent to the St. Louis lab Pathology Services, Inc. for microscopic examination in accord with state law.  Questions about what happens to the tissue after this examination were left unanswered.

In a recent interview conducted by St. Louis Review reporter Jennifer Brinker with the operations director at Pathology Services, Inc., the lab says it is not engaged in trafficking fetal body parts.  According to the interview, the lab receives the tissue in a container filled with formaldehyde preservative.  The tissue is examined and then turned over to a licensed biohazard firm for disposal. The director believes that Pathology Services, Inc. receives all the tissue from the abortion procedures, not just a sample for examination under the microscope.

Pathology Services, Inc. also examines human tissue specimens from non-abortion related surgical procedures to examine them for abnormalities.  It serves doctors and hospitals in Missouri, Illinois, and Iowa.   No evidence has emerged so far that Pathology Services, Inc. receives tissue from abortions that is usable for research.  Read more in this St. Louis Review article.

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