Faithful Citizenship: Health Care and Migration

This week as part of our Faithful Citizenship guide series we look at health care and migration. We encourage our network to read the USCCB’s Faithful Citizenship guide in full, as there is insufficient space here to cover all the issues raised in the document, and each of these covered issues need to be read in context to be fully understood.

The bishops teach that “affordable and accessible health care is an essential safeguard of human life and a fundamental human right.” Millions of Americans lack healthcare coverage, and this remains an urgent national priority. The healthcare system, they state, “needs to be rooted in values that respect human dignity, protect human life, respect the principle of subsidiarity, and meet the needs of the poor and uninsured, especially born and unborn children, pregnant women, immigrants and other vulnerable populations.”

Regarding migration, the document states that “[t]he Gospel mandate to ‘welcome the stranger’ requires Catholics to care for and stand with newcomers, authorized and unauthorized, including unaccompanied immigrant children, refugees, and asylum-seekers, those unnecessarily detained, and victims of human trafficking. Comprehensive reform is urgently necessary to fix a broken immigration system and should include a broad and fair legalization program with a path to citizenship…”