Federal Judge Deals Blow to Missouri SB 749

Judge Audrey Fleissig, a Federal District judge in St. Louis, has granted a temporary injunction on behalf of the Missouri Insurance Coalition blocking enforcement of SB 749, the religious liberty bill passed last session, Governor Nixon’s veto notwithstanding. The law was passed as a direct challenge to the HHS mandate and requires insurance companies in Missouri to offer plans excluding coverage for contraception if such coverage violates an employer’s religious beliefs or moral convictions.

Judge Fleissig ruled that the Missouri law was trumped by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and ordered the Department of Insurance to stop enforcing the new Missouri law. The MCC is exploring what additional steps to take to defend the SB 749 law.

One thought on “Federal Judge Deals Blow to Missouri SB 749

  1. norma martin says:

    When I was a child, I expected others to pay for my choices. When I grew up I realized that I needed to be responsible for my own choices and actions. Even if they were accidents or mistakes. This was called adulthood in the 1950’s. Now it seems we keep looking for ways to make others pay for our personal choices, even if they violate their rights or freedom of conscience.

    Contraception is a personal choice with moral implications and health consequences. Abortion is the killing of another human life, the more horrifying because the life ended is the most innocent and has done nothing to deserve its violent end. There is much risk and health consequences, not to mention the psychological consequences, for the mother as well. It is difficult to understand how a society can think it is advanced and do such violence to its own offspring. Even animals do not kill their own offspring. We say that we should not legislate morality and yet force citizens to pay for moral decisions of others. I believe we have lost our sense of justice.

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