Governor Commutes Death Sentence – Have You Sent Your Thank You Note Yet?

Last Friday afternoon, Governor Nixon commuted the death sentence of Kimber Edwards to life in prison without parole. Edwards  was scheduled to be executed on Oct. 6th.  Governor Nixon did not explain his decision, other than to say it came after a “thorough review of the facts” and was “not taken lightly.” He did note that he believed the evidence did support the jury’s decision to convict Edwards of first-degree murder.

Edwards’ lawyers had raised claims that their client was wrongly convicted of the murder-for-hire of his ex-wife based on the fact that the admitted killer recanted his earlier statement and now claimed Edwards was innocent of any involvement in the crime. The lawyers also brought evidence that the incriminating statements Edwards made before trial were part of a coerced confession.

The MCC is urging its network members to send a note of appreciation to the Governor by calling him at 573-751-3222 or emailing him.  Thank the governor for showing mercy in this case. Edwards’ commutation is only the second time Jay Nixon has stopped an execution while serving as governor.

Governor Nixon’s commutation came on the heels of Pope Francis historic address to the U.S. Congress on Sept. 24th in which he advocated for an end to the death penalty worldwide.


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