Governor Delivers State of the State Address

In Governor Jay Nixon’s 2013 State of the State Address he promoted Medicaid expansion, announced the reduction of another 190 state jobs, and called for the issuance of state bonds. He also announced his budget called for an additional $150 million for educational funding, with a special emphasis on early childhood education.

“But instead of funding schools based merely on what they’ve received in the past, we’ll tie new funding to specific performance goals – like increased student retention, higher graduation rates and improved learning,” Nixon said. “We will achieve higher academic goals – with greater accountability.”

Nixon noted that in the last four years the state – on average – has had steady gains in math and reading scores. The governor also called for the legislature to extend the school year by six days.

With the announcement of the reduction of 190 state jobs Nixon said the state would have the smallest state workforce in 19 years. “From the time I became Governor to the end of Fiscal Year 2014, we will have reduced the size of state government by 4,500 positions, and cut $1.8 billion in state spending,” he said.

He also called for the issuance of state bonds. Proceeds from bonds would allow the construction of a new Fulton State Hospital and would also support upgrades at state parks, as well as funding libraries, computer and science labs and wire classrooms with the latest technology.

“In addition, a targeted bond issuance will provide funds for cutting-edge university research facilities in areas critical to our competitiveness, such as engineering, math, and science,” the governor said.

The governor’s proposed budget for the fiscal year starting July 1, 2013, is $25.7 billion. This includes both federal and state funds.

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