Governor Nixon Calls for Medicaid Expansion

Governor Jay Nixon has stated his intent to pursue Medicaid reform as a high-priority issue during the upcoming legislative session. In a press conference on Tuesday, Governor Nixon said he hopes legislators who opposed Medicaid expansion during the 2013 legislative session will reconsider their position this year, as other states have taken advantage of the offer for federal funds to pay for the expansion.

Legislation to expand Medicaid and to revise the present program was proposed during the 2013 legislative session by Representative Jay Barnes (R-Jefferson City), but met opposition from a number of members of the Republican-led legislature. Interim Senate and House Committees on Medicaid Transformation met during the summer and fall in hopes of providing a more transparent look into Medicaid reform for lawmakers. The Senate produced a report stating they would consider Medicaid expansion only after a “transformation of the entire Medicaid program.” The House panel has yet to produce a report.

The Missouri Catholic Conference supported efforts made towards Medicaid reform last session, and will be tracking this issue in the coming session as well.


Posted: January 3, 2014

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