Governor Parson Calls for “A Fresh Start”

During a joint session with the Missouri House and Senate held in the House chamber, Governor Mike Parson called for a fresh start this week. Speaking to both legislative bodies and a standing room only crowd in the House gallery, Parson told those assembled that it was time to move forward. He reminded lawmakers and other government leaders that they serve the people of Missouri, “not the other way around,” and that the positions and seats they hold are greater than any of them as individuals.

Following his remarks, the special session that was called to address the possible impeachment of former governor Eric Greitens was adjourned. The saga that began in January with the revelation of the former governor having an affair with his hairdresser prior to his election came to a close. Questions remain as to whether an investigation will continue into the financial dealings of A New Missouri, the non-profit organized to support the agenda of the Greitens administration. The House committee that was seeking documents from A New Missouri withdrew their subpoena for the information following the former governor’s resignation.