House Committee on Children and Families Hearing

The House Committee on Children and Families met Tuesday to discuss procedures and policies relating to abortion in Missouri. Peter Lyskowski, Department of Health and Senior Services’ acting director, gave a comprehensive overview of Planned Parenthood of Columbia’s legal standings, his department’s correspondence with them this fall, and answered questions regarding abortion and pathology reporting procedures.

Many questions were raised about reforming reporting procedures so that it can be guaranteed the trafficking of body parts is not taking place at Planned Parenthood or other abortion providers, however, Mr. Lyskowski said he would defer to a medical professional to answer the details of those questions. He did say that more regulation could help, because as of now the requirement for tissue samples is very vague, stating that only a “representative sample” is necessary.

Representative Franklin, committee chair, acknowledged that though committee members have different views on abortion, they are in agreement that no profit should be made from the aborted children’s body parts. The committee will continue to meet throughout the session.

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