House Opens Special Session to Consider Impeachment

Immediately following the close of the 2018 legislative session last Friday, the Missouri General Assembly gaveled in to begin a special session to consider whether to issue articles of impeachment against Governor Eric Greitens. The House Special Investigative Committee, the committee charged with this work, began the week by taking testimony from witnesses relating to an affair the Governor admits to having prior to his election in November 2016.

Witnesses interviewed by the committee included Scott Faughn, editor of the Missouri Times, and Al Watkins, the attorney for the husband of the woman at the center of the affair. Faughn paid Watkins $120,000 for legal services and to secure a recording secretly obtained by the husband of Greitens‘ lover, in which she described details of the affair. This recording was released publicly by various media outlets in January.

The committee will continue its work next week.  As this is a matter of public interest and unprecedented in Missouri history, the MCC will report on the progress of these proceedings as they unfold.