How Are Your State Tax Dollars Spent?

Have you ever wondered how your Missouri tax dollars are spent in Jefferson City? Governor Jay Nixon’s recommended operating budget for FY 2014 totals $8.28 billion in state appropriations, not including federal funds or revenue generated from other than state sources which account for an additional $17.41 billion.[1]


The $8.28 billion budget is broken down as follows:

Elementary and Secondary Education            $2.94 billion   (35.5%)

Human Services                                                      $2.46 billion (29.7%)

Higher Education                                                   $857 million (10.3%)

Corrections & Public Safety                                 $687 million (8.3%)

Judiciary, Elected Officials, Gen. Assembly     $271 million (3.5%)

All others                                                                  $1.05 billion (12.7%)[2]



[1] Source: Missouri Office of Administration, Budget and Planning; 


[2] Ibid.





Posted: September 6, 2013

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