How Will CEI Help Non-Tuition Charging Schools?

Some Catholic elementary schools, especially in more rural areas, may not charge tuition. Will the Children’s Education Initiative (CEI) benefit them? The answer is “yes” for several reasons. Even if your school does not have a formal tuition, it probably charges a registration fee, a book fee and perhaps other fees for school related supplies and events. CEI scholarships can help parents pay these fees. CEI scholarships can also be offered to children with disabilities to pay for special aids they need to learn.

Looking at the bigger picture, passage of CEI will mean that the Missouri Constitution for the first time recognizes the contribution of private and parochial schools in educating children. In addition, passage of this education tax credit will for the first time authorize in the state constitution a program that benefits all children no matter where they attend school. That’s a principle worth fighting for.



Posted: November 4, 2013

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