Illinois Puts Brake on Same-Sex Marriage

The Illinois House of Representatives did not take up for a vote on the last day of the session a bill that would have re-defined marriage to include the union of same-sex couples. Despite the bill having passed the Illinois Senate on Valentine’s Day, the votes for passage of the bill in the Illinois House simply were not there. Had the bill passed, Illinois would have become the 13th state to re-define marriage.

The Catholic Conference of Illinois worked hard to defeat the bill, arguing that re-defining marriage is not in the best interests of children, and would threaten to undermine the institution of marriage itself and the religious liberty of those who oppose it.  African American lawmakers from the City of Chicago resisted voting in favor of the bill and were credited with having blocked its passage. The Catholic Conference of Illinois has prepared an extensive packet in support of traditional marriage which can be accessed on its website here.

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