Jefferson City Parishes Begin CEI Petition Drive

Perhaps because the offices of the Missouri Catholic Conference (MCC) are headquartered in Jefferson City, MCC staff has been called on to provide hands-on assistance in gathering CEI signatures in this area. We have welcomed the opportunity to help. Going out and gathering signatures ourselves has confirmed for us that this is a fairly simple process. (In case you missed it in past updates, here again is the link providing Instructions for Circulators.)

This past Sunday we set up a booth at the pancake breakfast sponsored by the Holy Name Society of Immaculate Conception. As people sat down for the breakfast, we gave them a one-page flyer explaining CEI and told them that after breakfast we would be available at a nearby table to help them sign the petition. We got a great response. The Immaculate Conception pancake breakfast will not be the last chance for parishioners to sign the petition. Volunteers will be taking signatures after each the parish’s six Masses on the weekends of November 16-17 and 23-24.

This is just the story of one parish; all the parishes in Jefferson City are heavily involved in gathering signatures at this time and we know signatures are being gathered in parishes around the state of Missouri. Thank You!



Posted: November 8, 2013

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