MCC Calls for Full and Fair Participation in Elections

This week the Missouri Catholic Conference (MCC) testified before the Senate Committee on Financial and Governmental Organization and Elections in opposition to a proposed state constitutional amendment that could require photo IDs for voting. As presently drafted, HJR 53 fails to include provisions to make voters aware of the photo ID requirement prior to elections. The proposal also fails to indicate how voters could obtain a free photo ID should they not have a driver’s license. 

The MCC observed that without public awareness efforts, HJR 53 could have the unintentional effect of disenfranchising voters, especially the homebound, the elderly, and those with disabilities. Despite opposition from the MCC and other concerned groups, HJR 53 is on a fast track. It has already passed the Missouri House, and approval by the Senate committee may soon send the proposal to the Missouri Senate for that body’s consideration. Stay tuned for more.

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