MCC Calls on Pathology Lab to Sever Ties with Abortion Industry

The executive director of the Missouri Catholic Conference, Mike Hoey, has sent a letter to Dr. James R. Miller of Pathology Services, Inc., urging the laboratory to sever its ties to St. Louis Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry. At present, Pathology Services, Inc. accepts the remains of unborn children destroyed by St. Louis Planned Parenthood through surgical abortions.

A recent investigation conducted by Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster found that in June of this year alone Pathology Services, Inc. processed the remains of 317 unborn children, including some destroyed as late as the 20th and 21st week of fetal development. According to the Koster report, the remains of these unborn children are then transported by a medical waste company and incinerated.

In his letter, Hoey points out that the workers employed by Pathology Services, Inc., whether they fully appreciate it or not, are part of the assembly line of the abortion industry. Hoey observes: “By agreeing, in advance, to take the human remains of these children aborted while in utero, you are facilitating this taking of innocent human life.” Click here to read the entire letter.

The MCC’s call for Pathology Services, Inc. to get out of the abortion industry was picked up by several media outlets, including the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and the St. Louis Review.

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