MCC Expects Close Vote on SB 749

By our count, it’s going to be a very close vote on whether legislators override the governor’s veto of SB 749. One of the biggest challenges is going to be making sure people show up. Some legislators lost their primary election, while others are term-limited and not coming back next year. For these legislators, there is no political gain in coming to Jefferson City (sometimes from far corners of the state) for a one- or two-day veto session.

Why should they come? Because they still represent their district and have a duty to perform the duties for which they were elected. Also this is not just any bill or any vote. Here is a moment when they can stand up for a fundamental human right — religious liberty. Call or visit your state senator and state representative (the personal touch is most needed now) and urge them to “be there” in Jefferson City on Sept. 12. If you don’t know who your legislators are or don’t know their contact information, call the MCC toll-free at (800) 456-1679.

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