MCC Releases Candidate Survey Results, Election Resource Kit

The Missouri Catholic Conference (MCC) conducted a survey of candidates running for state and federal public offices in 2012. Click the following links to see the candidate survey results: federal survey results, statewide survey results, state representative results and state sentate results.

Each candidate was emailed a link to a survey with 10 statements and asked to mark whether they agreed with, disagreed with or had no position on the statement. Statement topics included: conscience rights in health care, death penalty, immigration and educational tax credits. The MCC included relevant Catholic teaching on each survey statement with the survey results online so that readers can see what the Catholic Church says about the issues.

An election resource kit is also available with practical tips and information about how to conduct candidate forums, how to register to vote and how churches and other nonprofit organizations can participate in elections, while obeying federal laws on what tax-exempt organizations can and cannot do.

“As Catholics, we have a moral obligation to participate in our American democracy. Don’t stand on the sidelines. Work this year to protect the sanctity and dignity of all human life, preserve our religious freedoms and uphold the common good of all, including the very poor and vulnerable,” said Mike Hoey, executive director of the MCC. “We are all in this together; help spread the light of Christ in this important election year.”

As the public policy agency for the Catholic Church in Missouri, the Missouri Catholic Conference (MCC) does not endorse or oppose, rank or rate candidates for public office. The MCC’s role is to provide unbiased voter education material to Catholics.

5 thoughts on “MCC Releases Candidate Survey Results, Election Resource Kit

  1. Mary Pauley says:

    We were talking at Mass this morning. Is there a list of Catholic candidates? I know Adam Warren (attorney general) joined the Church this Easter.

    • mocatholic says:

      We don’t have a list of Catholic candidates. I would recommend looking at the candidates’ answers to our survey questions (see the links at the beginning of this article) for an idea of where they stand on issues relevant to Catholics.

      Melissa Varner
      MCC Communications Director

  2. Margie Moranville says:

    How do I get the candidate information on Facebook. I’m not very knowledgeable on Facebook and am very interested in getting the candidates’ responses to your questions.
    Is there some other form of publication from which I can get this information?

    • mocatholic says:

      Right now the candidate’s information is not available on Facebook, but only through our website. If you click the links in the first paragraph of the article above, you will see the results of the MCC’s survey. There are four pages: one for state representative candidates, one for state senate candidates, one for state office candidates and one for federal candidates.
      Please let us know if you have more questions and feel free to call 573-635-7239!
      Melissa Varner
      MCC Communications Director

  3. Carol Story says:

    First, not everyone has access to the Internet. I came to the library for access but not all people can travel to an Internet access point nor does everyone have computer skills. Second, please add a means to print the surveys (to paper or a file). I copied each to a file and will be printing them when I get home for others who do not have access.

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