MCC Seeks Nominations for Citizen Recognition Award

Do you know someone who promotes the spiritual well-being of all people of the State of Missouri, provides leadership in the area of public policy, participates in the democratic process of government or coordinates diocesan programs and statewide projects to better the common good? If so, you should nominate them for the Missouri Catholic Conference (MCC) Citizen Recognition Award.

One individual from each of the four dioceses in Missouri will be awarded the Citizen Recognition Award at the MCC Annual Assembly on Saturday, September 28, 2013. The award will be presented by the Bishops of Missouri in the House Chamber of the Missouri State Capitol.

This is an opportunity to recognize someone in your parish who promotes gospel values that reflect respect for Catholic teaching. This could be someone who takes an active role in legislation; advocates for participation in, or improvement of, existing government services; initiates parish or community action; or responds to the MCC’s call to action.

If you know someone that deserves this award please nominate them. For an award nomination form click here or call (573) 635-7239. The deadline for submissions is Friday, July 19, 2013.

For a list of past award winners click here.

One thought on “MCC Seeks Nominations for Citizen Recognition Award

  1. Noel Casey says:

    I know it is too late to nominate someone however I have a five year old who I believe deserves something for what he did for his community of troy , Missouri. His name is Houston Higer. He goes to Main Street Elementry in troy Missouri . The local Journal ran a story about what he did . There is a video on .
    Anyways he saw the story about Hailey Owens , The 10 from springfeild , mo who was kidnapped and kill. It really bother him,and he came to me with an idea. He said mom I wish I could tech all the kids the self defense techniques I lerned from mr. Steens class. Houston wrote out a buisness plan for his seminar and . presented it to his assistant principle.He thought it was a great idea ! With the help from his ata instructor and assitant principle , Houston taught 200 fellow student, self defense technique in hopes to keep them same aginst kidnappers. Please check out the articles about this on lincon county journal it is truly amazing

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