Media, Political Reactions to Gov. Nixon’s Veto of SB 749

The governor’s veto of SB 749 captured front-page news in papers around the state. The Jefferson City News Tribune headlined the bill as the “religious freedom” bill (the full article is available online to subscribers only), while the St. Louis Post-Dispatch called it the “birth control” measure. A Kansas City Star article led with vows by legislators to override the veto. An article by KOMU 8  shared reactions from local pastors and the MCC.

Reaction from legislators was swift and emphatic. House Speaker-Elect Tim Jones declared: “It is outrageous that Governor Nixon chose to side with pro-abortion interest groups and President Obama against a measure protecting the constitutional guarantee of religious liberty for Missourians against Obama’s HHS mandate. Just as I led the effort to pass this bill in the Missouri House of Representatives, I will lead the effort to override Governor Nixon’s veto.” For Jones’ entire response, click here.

The sponsor of the bill, Sen. John Lamping (R-Clayton), characterized the reason for the governor’s veto as “a made-up argument,” according to the Post-Dispatch. Click here for Senator Lamping’s full response.

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