Medicaid Legislation – Waiting for Movement

Many bills have been filed calling for either Medicaid reform or Medicaid expansion. Few combine both reform and expansion. At this point in the session, no legislation has emerged as the primary vehicle for working on Medicaid. The MCC will keep you posted. Pray that legislators will be able to work through their differences and develop a new Medicaid program for Missouri.


Posted: February 28, 2104

2 thoughts on “Medicaid Legislation – Waiting for Movement

  1. Nancy J Thomas says:

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I am a Catholic constituent and registered voter of the state of Missouri. I also so am unemployed and uninsured. Please help settle this issue once and for all and REFORM MEDICAID IN THE STATE OF MISSOURI or EXPAND THE CURRENT MEDICAID SYSTEM.

    Thank you and please help me and others!

    Sadly and Sincerely yours,

    Nancy J Thomas

    • Tom Castrop says:

      I read this morning in the St louis Post Dispatch that , The MCC recently urged lawmakers to pass Medicaid reform and expansion. I certainly hope that this is correct because it concurs logically with the MCC’s stated goal of their concern for the poor. It is the right thing to do no matter what your religious or political beliefs are.
      Thank you,
      Tom Castrop

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