Medicaid Participation Tracks Areas of Poverty

Posted: August 2, 2013

Medicaid participation in Missouri tracks where the greatest poverty is. In addition to the City of St. Louis, poverty is found especially in the Missouri Bootheel and throughout much of Southern Missouri. Using U.S. Census data the website service Index Mundi has compiled a map of Missouri showing poverty rates by county.

If you live in St. Louis County, St. Charles County or parts of Central Missouri you may get the false impression that Missouri is a relatively wealthy state. The per capita personal income for St. Louis County, for example, was $51,512 in a 2010 study, while the state average was only $36,799. But per capita personal income is much lower in other areas, such as Southeastern Missouri. The Missouri Economic Research and Information Center (MERIC) has developed a map of Missouri showing per capita income by county.

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